Áno, počuješ dobre. Jamie Dornan sa v treťom pokračovaní úspešného filmového spracovania trilógie “Fifty Shades Of Grey” neobjaví. Áno, zlomilo nám to srdcia avšak keď zistíš, kto by ho mal nahradiť, budeš určite potešená.

Aj keď sa Jamie nepáčil všetkým, zvykli sme si na neho a s úlohou pána Greya sa popasoval statočne. Prekvapivá informácia, že sa herec neobjaví v treťom pokračovaní síce všetkých zaskočila, ale o to lepšie sa počúvajú klebety o jeho náhradníkovi. Dievčatá, držte si sukne, prichádza skvelý Ian Somerhalder.

Nie je tajomstvom, že množstvo fanúšikov si prialo v tejto filmovej úlohe Iana už odzačiatku. Impulzívny upír “Damon” zo seriálu “Upírske Denníky” by sa v úlohe pána Greya cítil viac než dobre a podľa jeho vlastných slov, nič nie je nemožné. Uvidíme ako sa situácia vyvinie, aj keď zahraničné média pomaly ale iste šuškajú práve o tom, že Ian nahradí Jamieho.


Me aboard the Alucia looking out at the beautiful ocean and looking forward to watching my episode of @yearsofliving with YOU ALL Tonight 10PM/9PM central!!!! My episode is coupled with Jack Black-and it's pretty incredible the journeys that we went down to produce these episodes! Please share this to everyone you know! I'm super proud of this, and very grateful for the experience. Dr. Jeff Donnelly, you and your team are true heroes and Nikki and I are so thankful that we got to experience this with you and watch you work. The world owes you a great deal of gratitude for your tireless scientific work to tell the story of our climate past so that we may shape our climate future. To our producers, National Geographic, the crew of our incredible vessel and Ray Dalia and his son Mark-this is the most memorable trip I've ever taken… With love and gratitude, Ian Somerhalder Photo by @iamnikkireed Taken 42 miles off of the coast of Cuba

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(Sub Self portrait) Me, in a submarine descending into the deep blue… If you watch YEARS OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY tonight and every night it's on, I promise you, it will give you an insight to what's happening around us and empower you with valuable (actually VITAL) knowledge. THIS IS THE GREATEST STORY OF OUR TIME. It's time to put climate change at the forefront of our agendas to secure our future for us and our children. We MUST put a price on carbon to stop Corporate polluters. It doesn't matter what religion you are or what political party you associate yourself with (OR your parents) we all breathe the SAME AIR, drink the SAME WATER, eat the SAME FOOD. Watch @yearsofliving TONIGHT ON THE NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CHANNEL 8/7c While I am a little bummed (okay, totally butt hurt) that I never got to go on the David Letterman show I'm proud to share this historical, bad-ass, Emmy-winning show with him. Let's do this my friends! SHARE THIS!!!!

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Happy EarthDay everyone from us.We're in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean in this yellow submarine shooting Season 2 of @yearsofliving on the @natgeo Channel with an amazing group of scientists, film makers, and the incredible tech professionals as well as crew of the Alucia. Thank you Mr. Ray Dalio for this extraordinary vessel to live on while we search for the Earth's past that will be the key to our future. This has always been my boyhood dream to be on a National Graphic science expedition-thank you for all that made this happen! Let's do something Great for our planet today so we get in the habit of doing it everyday. We must protect our wild habitats, keep our waters clean, educate our youth and stop stop dirty corporations that own dirty governments so all of us and our kids have a home. It's our earth, our home- let's make Earth Day EVERYDAY… Love, Ian and Nikki

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