Poznáme to všetky. Mnohé dievčatá majú problémy s váhou. Neustále bojujú s kilami navyše, chudnú a zasa priberajú. Často pod tlakom okolia. A občas to má katastrofálne  následky. Jedným z nich je aj anorexia, ktorou trpela i mladá Chiara. Keď ju uvidíš dnes, nebudeš veriť vlastnými očiam! 

Toto dievča malo veľmi špecifický jedálniček. Za deň zjedla len 39 kalórií, než sa jej priateľ rozhodol, že to takto pokračovať nemôže. Podporil jej chuť do jedla tým, že sa neustále staral o to, aby sa v jej blízkosti nachádzalo jedlo. Netrvalo dlho a jeho plán fungoval. Chiare sa vrátila chuť do jedla.

Do you remember this picture? Some of you might remember it, I posted it last year. This was after I came back from the trip to England with my school which was, to be honest, a really bad trip for me. The stay wasn't that funny as I had some problems with my hostmum and I just didn't feel well there. I also got ill, my depression was quite bad at that time and on top if that it was my 18th birthday there which I was dreading. As you might remember I had lost quite a lot of weight there. When I posted the picture on the left I was saying that I had gained some weight back. But I still wasn't a healthy weight as you can probably see. Now, it's passed one more year. In two weeks there will be another two weeks stay in France with my school. This time, I'm not scared of it at all. I didn't waste one seconde on thinking about what I'm going to get to eat there and if I will eat more than at home. I'm actually looking really forward to it and I think it's going to be fun. My mind has changed so much and I'm sure one reason is because I've gained more weight since last year. Between those two pictures there's a difference from about 6kg. On the left I had gained a lot from when I was at my lowest but I was still underweight. I haven't weighed myself for a couple of weeks now, but I know I'm a healthy weight. There is a special person out there who's helped me so much to get better. Since December I made so much progress and that person didn't even know that he was a huge motivation and also a distraction for me. I'm just glad that I came so far and that I can actually say I'm almost recovered❤️

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Dnes by ste ju nespoznali. Po vyčnievajúcich kostiach niet ani stopy a z nej sa stala krásna mladá baba s krivkami. Dlhodobý proces jej návratu do normálneho a najmä zdravého života bol teda viac než úspešný.


I may not be below a size 00 anymore but I am so much happier and content with my life. I prefere being weight restored and have a lot of energy over being underweight and poorly. I prefere eating what I really like over eating only certain food I allow myself because they're super healthy & low in calories. I prefere eating as much as I feel like over weighing every single shit I eat and count every single calorie. I prefere going out for a meal or party over sitting at home, eating my meal in exactly 30min and wait until I have to eat again. I prefere going to parties or friend's over laying in my bed and thinking about how bad my life is. I prefere having a boyfriend who I love so much and enjoy every second with him over feeling so lonely and unloved, hated 24/7. I prefere being able to do sports, exercise and feeling great about it over feeling like passing out after walking up the stairs. I prefere buying nice clothes that fit me over looking for the smallest sizes which still are way too big. I prefere being able to actually laugh until my stomach hurts over pretending to laugh when I know I have to. I prefere being spontaneous over planning my meals one week in advance. I prefere LIVING my LIFE over existing and waiting for death. Because life is worth it. And a mental illness won't take that away from me. 💫

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„Desilo ma každé jedlo okrem ovocia a zeleniny, ale teraz si pokojne dám zmrzlinu, pizzu či čokoľvek, čo vidím pred sebou. Teraz som na správnou mieste, obklopená rodinou, ktorá ma podporuje, kamarátmi a najlepším priateľom, akého si môžem želať.“


#tb to Mallorca ☺️❤️ Two things I forgot to tell you and need to mention: firstly, there's an article about my story on the Daily Mail, Mirror and The Sun online magazine which I think is really exciting! If you're interested you can read it and tell me what you think! You can find it on their website. Links are also found on my blog! (Link in bio)☺️ And secondly, there's a blogpost about what I eat in a day on my blog! Link's in my bio. Questions are always welcomed and I try to answer 😘 Also THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your lovely comments on my last post… You all have helped me so muchthe past three years!! LINKS: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3721295/Former-anorexic-weighed-three-half-stone-ate-just-39-calories-day-praises-boyfriend-saving-life.html http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/real-life-stories/girl-battling-anorexia-who-weighed-8551762 https://www.thesun.co.uk/living/1546905/anorexic-girl-went-down-to-just-three-stone-by-living-off-39-calories-a-day-but-now-thanks-her-boyfriend-for-saving-her-life/

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