Rodina oboch dievčat sa nemusí o ne strachovať. Kate si ulovila princa Wiliama a teraz sa schyľuje k ďalšej svadbe. Pippa rovnako ako jej sestra mieri vysoko. Jej nastávajúcim je milionár. 

Jej vyvoleným je James Matthews, o osem rokov starší manažér s tučným kontom na účte. Je zrejme zo starej školy, pretože o ruku najprv požiadal jej otca, ktorý samozrejme súhlasil.

I am EXTREMELY hesitant to post this message of congrats until we hear
OFFICIAL word from the family but I was actually planning to do an album
about Pippa & James this week anyways so I might as well post it now (see full album on my FB page)!
If the rumors are true & they ARE engaged is it wrong that my first
thought was, "I can't wait to see what Catherine wears??" Lol. I'm
sure she'll be her Matron of Honor. Do they call them that in the UK? I'm not
even sure.
James Matthews & Pippa dated back
in 2012 & then rekindling their romance at the end of 2015. He is the co-founder of Eden Rock Capital Management Group, an
investment advisory firm with expertise in credit and structured finance &
serves as the company's chief executive officer.
father David Spencer, a former mechanic and his stylish mother Jane
scooped up the luxury Eden Rock hotel in St. Barths in 1995 and it is
currently one of the Top 100 hotels in the world.
brother, Michael, tragically died at age 22 while making his way down
from Mount Everest. Michael had become the youngest Briton to reach the
summit of Mount Everest before his death.
Those who know James say the 40-year-old is exceptionally polite and, most importantly, discreet.
has always been on the scene," the source added. "He is super
charismatic and charming, good looking and always held a torch for
Pippa. They have always had insane chemistry, but Pippa was always in a
All of that being said, visit my Facebook page to find out what part of this (possible) engagement REALLY troubles me (not in a really serious way but in an "OMG, I can't EVEN believe it but I'll get over it" way😊). xo lulu #pippamiddleton #katemiddleton #duchessofcambridge

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Pippa pritom s Jamesom chodila už v roku 2012, no po niekoľkých mesiacoch sa rozišli. Stará láska však nehrdzavie a tak sa po nevydarenom vzťahu s Nicom Jacksonom vrátila opäť k Matthewsovi.

Uvidíme či 32-ročná Pippa dopraje svojim rodičom v blízkych rokoch aj vnúčatá ako jej sestra.

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